Friday, 10 July 2009

High Force waterfall

Went a bit the wrong way this morning, partly due to middleton in Tees being a bit obscured on the google map (so we missed the fact that there were in fact two rivers) and partly cos we didn't check that although we were on the B6277, we were going in the opposite direction to barnard castle! So, we got 5 miles on before i was absolutely certain we were on the wrong road. But luckily this took us to High Force waterfall, which is the highest one in England. So we went and had a look. After our 10 mile warm up, we were back at middleton in Tees, and found the right road (really well signposted and has the bridge inn on it!?). Think that's been the best bit of road so far- it has rolling hills, with the pace of a mountain bike trail, but a bit smoother and not so many obstacles! Almost a euphoric ride for me, contrasting nicely with yesterday's emotional and physical trial. However, note to self: don't eat kippers for breakfast, as they'll repeat on you all morning. That and the sight of roadkill makes for a queazy ride!

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