Saturday, 18 July 2009


Finally reached mum's and dad's house - my home (as well as edinburgh!) - at about 5.30pm on thursday 16th july. We came into norwich and through it on cycle paths and roads i'd never ventured on before, which i thought was quite apt. At the last minute, we chose a shortcut and approached the house from up hill instead of down, so surprising everyone! After numerous photos taken by the Evening News photographer, we got down to celebrating! Altogether i've cycled 477 miles to get here, accompanied by anne for about 220 miles and kate for about 210 miles. Well done everyone! And much love to my mum... the inspiration for my journey. :)

Alison and Joe

Here's our hostess Alison, at the old red lion, with joe the cat. She gave me sponsor money, and before we set off, told us to fill our pockets with bread and dates and nuts for lunchtime. So generous. We then looked around the ruined castle (of castle acre) and headed off at about 11am (again!) on the homeward stretch. At this point I noticed that my bike computer had already clocked 437 miles!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kings lynn

We managed to turn up only 9mins late to meet my brother andy off the london train! Demonstrated our navigational skills by promptly getting lost on the cycle paths, but swiftly rectified our mistake and reached the amazing old red lion in castle acre at about 7pm. Had a lovely meal in the ostrich (pub!) and then chose which dorm we wanted to sleep in! Absolutely amazing building, garden and village.


Just to prove that i did actually cycle!


You can't see then very well, but this couple were heavily laden with stuffed panniers, including a tent. They left boston after us and overtook us twice! Hardcore!

Wind, wind, windy, wind

It got a bit windy after boston! It might have been flat as a pancake, but it was very hard work cycling against it (i.e. Most of the way to kings lynn).

Boston Stump

Celebrating its 700th birthday this year. Stayed at the park lea Guesthouse... Elaine and Richard very lovely and have a garage for bikes... Including motorbikes. Had real probs blogging from here. Very patchy coverage. Set off from here at about 11am, after managing a couple of blogs next to the church...