Saturday, 23 May 2009

A step up a gear...

Well, things are getting exciting now... I've started buying things! I now have new waterproof cycling trousers and some new trainers - not that I really needed them, but it's a good excuse! Next on my list is a sat nav, because stopping to read the map every few miles takes up far too much time. Although, having said that, it has always provided an opportunity to eat another jelly bean or a fizzy fish from Kate's sweetie stash!
Rod has also given me some panniers, with pockets and raincovers, and a handlebar bag thing... I'm in a dream world, as it's like gaining another three rucksacks - you can never have too many rucksacks, and especially ones you don't actually wear on your back! I've tried one long bike ride with both panniers on - they weren't even fully loaded and I could feel the difference. I'm taking them wherever I go on my bike now, to get used to them hanging around and being heavy. It's actually quite hard to find things to put in them, cos I'm so used to taking a small rucksack cycling with me. However, I've got a feeling I'll do what I always end up doing and filling them with 'just in case' clothes/objects/nicknacks!

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